What to Wear to a Warehouse Rave - Stand Out from the Crowd: 3+1 Ideas

What to Wear to a Warehouse Rave - Stand Out from the Crowd: 3+1 Ideas

It’s rave time!

Finally the restrictions are getting loose and after an everlasting COVID lockdown it’s time to experience your Spotify playlist live.
What could be more exciting than attending a warehouse rave? 

Y2K is so much in trend now, and we shouldn’t forget where these raves come from.

By the 1990s, house music had spread internationally and was one of the most popular genres in the UK and Europe, especially among young people. Raves gained the attention of local authorities, and police often shut down these gatherings due to the illegal use of warehouses and industrial locations as venues and the rampant drug use by attendees. 

House, acid house, and techno served as a way to cope with the crushing nature of free markets. Tandem movements took place in both Chicago and Detroit, musicians tinkered with Roland TB-303s and drum machines to create sounds that the world was hungry for.

It was not just about the music; it was about the fashion and the ability to live an alternate reality for a few hours—or days. Neon colors, tye-dye, and athletic wear matched the eclectic environment they partied in—fog machines, lasers, and glow-sticks were the main characteristic of a rave outfit.

“Raving” today applies to attending massive international festivals, they got more organized and it has grown out of the underground scene, however the massive underground still sticks to the good old warehouse locations.

The dress up game became a huge factor in attending raves, many express themselves via crazy outfits.


Here’s our guide to
What to Wear to a Warehouse Rave to Stand Out from the Crowd

#1 - Rust Print

Old warehouses are always rusty, aren't they? Rust printed clothing totally matches the vibes of the location.

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#2 - Bomber jackets

You probably won't need the jacket inside the warehouse, but it can be a life saver on the way back home. After a night of sweaty dancing, it just feels perfect to put on a jacket, and bomber style have always played a big role in the rave scene. If you really wanna Stand Out, choose a cutout dress with a tech vest under the jacket.

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#3 - Techwear accessories

Functional clothing is essential when you're attending a rave. You don't wanna dance the entire night with a huge bag. Minimize the belongings you'd wanna take with you and choose a functional piece that works good with basically any outfit.


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 +1 - Balaklava

These separate hoods are so much on trend right now. It's a perfect add-on for an outfit, it creates a layered look and you don't need to wear hoodies if you enjoy hoods. It works well with small croptops or even with a swimsuit.

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