The quarantine lasted two years. We’ve been locked up in a foreign planet in space.

How did we end up here? Who is responsible for all of this? They knew it. They were running towards their end, but they didn’t care as they thought by the time the disaster hits they will be long gone. They left us there with the consequences, so we had to make the hardest decision of mankind ever and what has changed ever since? Many of us are already dead, here in this brave new world. We’re caged up in our artificial environment and we’re supposed to build up a new Earth here. It sounds hilarious.

The contagion decimated our forests, our sources of oxigen, people are facing with health issues, there is this fatal disease sweeping through mankind, so we had to come up with a plan. Our scientists developed a vaccine, that might help to save the rest of us, up here in the skies. We didn’t have a choice, we tried it, untested.

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