We all want to enjoy our pieces until the end of time, but we need to recongize the importance of caring for our beloved clothing.

The most important question is washing. These hand-dyed garments are quite sensitive to agressive chemicals and warmth. It's highly recommended to handwash them in lukewarm water with special regard to gradient dyed pieces.

First dissolve soap in lukewarm water, only add your clothing afterwards. If it's a gradient dyed garment, wash the darker parts first, use cold water to fix the color bleeding, only afterwards wash the lighter parts.

It's better to use natural detergents and softener.
However DO NOT USE SOFTENER ON PLANT DYED GREY garments. These plant dyed colors might get in reaction with your sweat, deodorant or any other chemicals.

Cold water fixes color bleeding.

Do not soak, the color might change.

Do not wring, you may distort the fibres. Press the water out from inch to inch. You may use your washmachine's spin-dryer on a low level (600) if your machine has never caused any damages to delicate clothing.

Avoid direct sunlight when drying and lay it to dry inside out.
It's not recommended to dry hand-dyed garments in a dryer. Warmth can change the color.

If you have many hand-dyed clothing of the same color, after washing it by hand for half a year, you may wash them on a short, hand-washing programme with cold water in your washing machine. I recommend using a Color Catcher.

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